Air Quality management

Innovative air quality monitoring and management from High Systems Electromechanics.

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Air Quality Management Dubai

Air Quality Monitoring solution is a new low-cost sensor technology and data analytics platform that can identify areas of poor air quality in real-time and provide a more complete picture of the air that we are breathing. Pinpointing air pollution where people live, work and play can inform tailored interventions, more effective policies and ultimately lead to cleaner air.

Easy to Deploy and Install

Is easy to deploy and can be installed on any existing street furniture or building. It can also be used in ‘pop-up’ installations and powered using solar and batteries.

Multiple connection options

Has onboard power regulators to connect to any power source. It also comes with many backhaul communication options including cellular 2G/3G/4G/5G, NB-IOT, LoRaWan, Ethernet, WiFi and Sigfox.

Sensor combination

Combine Traffic sensors with Air Quality sensors for a full 360 degree solution to identify the origin pollution.

Inspire Confidence with Clean Indoor Air

Filtration systems are currently installed in business settings, offices, schools, residential care homes, salons, clinics and organizations of all sizes, and delivers a highly effective layer of hygiene. Air Management sensors continuously monitors levels of NO2, O3, CO2, VOCs and Particulate Matter.

While other filter products gather contaminated particles and odours, Our filters breaks down the pollutants and odours, converting the carcinogenic waste and bad stuff into water and carbon dioxide. Cleaner and greener (there are no polluted filters to return to landfill), Our air filters captures and destroys 99.95% of airborne pollutants.