Equipment's down time reduction

Maximizing efficiency and productivity through optimal equipment uptime
March 3, 2023 by
Ghazi Jarrar

Taking a random company that wants to minimize the production line staff while keeping the production high and being able to control the quality of the products throughout the process. This seems like a smart move this company is trying to do, but what happens to the products when equipment downtime occurs while having minimal supervision on the equipment. The amount of time the production stalls as a result of a malfunctioning piece of equipment is known as equipment downtime, but why is this a concerning issue? As can be seen in numerous companies, unplanned breakdowns cost a percentage of profits annually. Corrective maintenance, emergency maintenance, or preventive maintenance can all lead to downtime which will eventually lead to more profit as time passes by.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Here is where IoT solutions steps up to the situation. As a new solution have been developed to respond to this issue, it has helped numerous companies in gaining more profits and preventing them from more of the profit cutting that has been occurring over the past years. With the aid of this innovative technology, equipment stoppages may be instantly alerted to line supervisors via an alert on their wearable device, resulting in less downtime. A BI tool, which is interactive data visualization software that aids in data collection and analysis, can also be used to improve equipment and operational procedures.

What can be done using this software?

- The line supervisor is quickly notified on their wearable device when an equipment or quality defect occurs, which helps in reducing downtime.

- Another advantage is that information from the production line is automatically entered into a database by the traceability system, resulting in easier data analysis regarding machining and quality which helps in determining how to improve them.

At HSE, a low cost IoT solution can be provided to assist you in achieving more profits, more data to analyze, and eventually more improvements to the facility as a whole.

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