Welcome to the world of Farfisa, where innovation meets tradition in the heart of Italy. As one of the first global players to introduce intercom technology into homes around the world, Farfisa has earned a reputation for excellence that is truly made in Italy. With a rich heritage rooted in Italian craftsmanship and engineering, Farfisa continues to lead the way in revolutionizing how we communicate and secure our homes. From sleek and stylish designs to cutting-edge functionality, every Farfisa product embodies the timeless elegance and superior quality synonymous with Italian manufacturing. As the authorized distributor for Farfisa in the UAE, we at High Systems are proud to bring these authentic Italian solutions to your doorstep, ensuring the safety, security, and sophistication of your home with products crafted with care and precision in Italy.

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Duo System, the digital video intercom with 2 non-polarised wires, continues to evolve, now we are in front to a really competitive evolution: the advent of the GW2IP gateway allows enviable performance guaranteed by the top of Farfisa R&D. The Duo bus in fact integrates with the IP network, opening new frontiers without borders 

Duo System is a ‘pure 2-wire’ system, thanks to the new ALBA, HERO, SOLVO and AGORÀ push-button panel

Like all the other components adopting this technology, they are powered directly by the 2-wire bus, which further optimises the installation phase. As always, also PROFILO and MATRIX series are available. Duo System proposes as internal stations Sette range with 7” screen, the various versions of ZHero and Exhito. Max number of users is 20.000, an important upgrade on the system, reached even thanks to 2231Q separator.  

→ Up to 20.000 users 

→ Up to 1.000 door panels 

→ Video call to smartphone

→ Self-powered external door stations: two pure wires  

→ Bluetooth for access control and management and setup of the system 

→ Possibility of smart integration with video surveillance systems

→ Smart cabling for home automation 

→ Extremely easy assembly = saves time and money

→Performance optimised for telephony  


The brand new Farfisa technology is called IP EVO, it is an IP solution dedicated to multi-user complexes that takes advantage of an innovative approach for the video door phone market, in order to respond to precise needs of the highest level from a functional and safety point of view.

The system is basically made up of the Connecto series entry door station which communicates - through the dedicated IP EVO app - with smartphones, digital voice assistants and specific video intercoms.

The technology is based on the WebRTC protocol, expressly conceived for the best audio-video quality, in fact it offers various advantages that represent its absolute strengths:

The IP EVO system is designed for multi-user complexes and ensures extremely easy management and operation. No IT skills are required for configuration and installation management. Data security is a priority in the IP EVO project. The external unit communicates with smartphones, digital voice assistants and specific video intercoms and all configurations are possible through IP EVO app!

→ Remote system configuration and management 

→ Unlimited number of entrance panels, pairing of entrance panels via app. 

→ Unlimited number of internal units 

→ PoE power supply

→ Very high quality of the video signal thanks to the 5MP camera

→ Excellent audio, totally free of echo, delay or latency

→ Top IT cybersecurity guaranteed

→ Dedicated image encryption chip