Fleet Management Software in UAE

GPS Tracking Software to Boost Your Fleet Productivity with a Complete end-to-end Fleet Management System

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Mobile Compatible

Mobile Compatible

Track and manage on the move with real-time monitoring and management with apps. 

Analytic Dashboard

Analytic Dashboard

Whether you want to view the units with leading engine hours and mileage or their statuses. 



Create the maintenance requirements and assign them to users, units, and groups.

Advance Reporting

Advance Reporting

Schedule different reports for any time in the future by applying customized time duration.

The Best Fleet Management System in UAE

High Systems Electromechanics is proud to present the UAE with a cutting edge fleet management system. A new, cutting edge, web-based, telematics system developed to offer real-time GPS tracking and monitoring of your fleet. This one stop solution will ensure that you are able to manage your fleet efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Turnkey Fleet Dashboard

Turnkey Fleet Dashboard

The most powerful fleet management platform on the market is here to help you manage your vehicles and drivers with ease. With our innovative tools and features, you’ll be able to keep track of your vehicles and drivers and provide them with a secure environment to work in. 

Fleet Management Software Modules

Fleet management modules, a fleet management system, is an intricate and multifaceted program. It has many modules to carry out various tasks, and these modules work together to integrate data. A fleet management system designed for real time tracking and monitoring of daily fleet operations helping to achieve business objectives. Get detailed and insightful information that helps you make informed data driven decisions.

HSE IoT provides real time updates on vehicle location, speed, direction, and distance travelled. It enables you to monitor the movement of your vehicle at all times in real time.

Schedule different reports for any time in the future by applying customized time duration and execution settings.

History of all trips completed by a vehicle is kept in record. At the time of need, it can easily be accessed by the managers.

Whether you want to view the units with leading engine hours and mileage or their statuses, the analytic dashboard offers you all the precious insights.


Create the maintenance requirements and assign them to users, units, and groups. Set a maintenance trigger based on date, mileage, engine hours.

Users can create fully customized notification alerts for different events to anticipate various fleet activities. Notifications can be received on emails, web popups and mobile popups.

Assign customized commands to units, users, and groups according to your requirements to facilitate operations.

A predefined geographical boundary and points can be marked on the map. Whenever vehicle enters or leaves that area, alarm is triggered offering efficient security.

The trailer is an independent entity attached to any unit and monitored in real-time. It allows effective tracking of logistics.

Add your custom in-house map layers with detailed geospatial information and visualize all areas which are important for your business operations (specific industrial areas or plants, maps layers with special marks for dispatchers, etc.)

Clear and intuitive calibration table, detailed graphical reports and instant notifications are available for many type of sensors like Fuel, Temperature, Speed, Mileage etc.

Ensure the safety of your fleet with strict monitoring on every move of the drivers. From speeding to harsh braking and rough turns, everything can be detected in real time to ensure smooth driving.

HSE IoT helps manage every aspect of drivers, from identification to keeping their complete record and generating driver-based reports.

Dlogs include the complete record of the data received from the devices attached to the units. Users have an authentic database containing discreet details in the form of Dlogs.

Perform different logical and arithmetic operations on input parameters to get an aggregate result. By setting an eLogic, complex values can be made simpler and understandable.

HSE IoT mobile app is a live monitoring app that provides the overview of the fleet activities. With remote monitoring, you can get real-time updates while on the go.

Applications for the Fleet Management System

fleet management system dubai


  • Car
  • Machinery
  • Personal
  • Bus
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Animals
  • Heavy Truck
  • Yacht

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

  • Reduce Fuel Cost
  • Location Awareness
  • Vehicle Security
  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Increase Productivity
  • Save Money
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Prevent Unauthorized Usages
  • Increase Fleet Efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions on Fleet Management

When you need to transport goods, it’s important that you do so as efficiently as possible. This means that you need to consider your fleet of vehicles and how they’re being used. With fleet management software also known as vehicle management system, you can keep track of all of your vehicles and what they’re doing. This will help you reduce your risk of an accident, improve your productivity and save money.

Reduce Freight Expenses

Track Deliveries in Real Time

Increase Customer Service

Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

A powerful and effective fleet management system ( transportation management system) is built on a powerful optimization engine that allows for real-time tracking, outputs business intelligence reports and easily integrated to other platforms. Our fleet management software is all this and more.

Fleet management software aims to  maximize efficiency, increase productivity and improve safety for an organization's vehicles and drivers . Often this achieved using a combination of vehicle tracking, reporting on fuel consumption, monitoring of driver behavior and management of vehicle maintenance.

Why is a fleet management software important?

Fleet management is essential to keeping a fleet running smoothly, no matter how big or small it may be. Tracking the location and condition of vehicles for maintenance, as well as fuel consumption means you're less likely to suffer from unexpectedly high expenses. This will keep your company- or at least its transportation branch- running smoothly for longer periods of time.