SCADA & PLC Programming

Our SCADA & PLC Programming services allows organizations to have automated systems that are efficient and effective to tackle daily process. HSE design team has the expertise and knowledge to program or integrate new components into any existing system to improve business workflows.

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SCADA Programming

A Strong SCADA (supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems pulls all your systems together for easier monitoring. They integrate all PLCs on the network and have a reliable SQL database to store system monitoring data. A user-friendly Human Machine Interface displays all system information accurately, and allows for smooth and precise control over all systems.

But SCADA programming doesn't end there, the systems need to remain functional throughout any operating conditions such as:

 -Startup and shut down

 -Normal and abnormal operations

 -Sequence for an emergency shutdown

High Systems can program a system that produces custom graphics that reflect what you do in the field. Our technical team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to ensure that your system runs smoothly and securely in all conditions.

We are experts in all major SCADA software vendors, including Wonderware, Rockwell RSView32, and GE Intelligent Platforms' iFix. Our team is directly trained by the top manufacturers GE, Schneider Electric and Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens, Delta to ensure your SCADA meets all your requirements.

PLC Programming & Troubleshooting

PLCs (or programmable logic controls) are the backbone of any industrial automation system. PLCs are microprocessors that monitor input data from sensors or relays and use a unique ladder logic form to control output devices (such as actuators and alarm beacons motors, valves and motors) which perform real-world functions. Programming PLCs is as creative as any other process. This is especially true when PLCs get more complicated. The more efficient the PLC's programming will be, the easier it will operate. High Systems' programmers have been certified and trained by some of the most respected PLC manufacturers, including Schneider Electric, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric and Delta.

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