Solar Carport  

Our technical experts design next generation residential and commercial solar carports in Dubai, adapted to your requirements and energy needs.


What is a solar carport?

Solar carports are ground-mounted structures that span over parking spaces for cars. The roof of the canopy is slightly tilted, and provides the ideal surface where solar panels are easily installed, and also contributes to the appearance of the car ports building.

The tilted roof style provides natural drainage for rainwater which is taken up by the gutters and channeled away. The electricity generated from the solar panels of the carports is available immediately to be used on-site.

We can custom design and manage your solar carport from the initial design to implementation. We'll also take care of the application for planning and grid connection permits for your car parking solar panels.

Our support doesn't stop with handover of the system, we also provide services for maintenance as well as surveillance packages.

What are the benefits of solar carport ?

Installing solar carports, you will be able to make the most of your parking space, and also boost the energy production capacity of your site that can bring additional advantages to your premises and visitors, specifically when it is paired with electric vehicle charging technologies. Advantages of installing solar carports include: 

1) Capacity: they boost the onsite production if other roof areas are not usable.
2) Financial: They will lower your energy costs.
3) Lower CO2 emissions from commercial solar carports boost your green credentials and CSR.
4) Charging your vehicle with electric power: You can also connect charging points for EVs to allow employees and guests for charging their electric cars using the energy produced by PV systems as well as company EVs.
5) Benefits for visitors and staff Solar carports protect cars from elements, and also keep visitors and staff safe while leaving their vehicles and walking towards the site.
6) Visual appeal: solar carports will change the appearance of your parking lot, making it more eye catching.