Industrial Wastewater Treatment UAE

High Systems Electromechanics provides a truly integrated solution to your water and wastewater plant project, from process designation to installation, operation and maintenance, with dedicated technical support every step of the way.

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Industrial wastewater treatment in Dubai

We provide industrial wastewater treatment with the use of MBR technology and a combination of process such as microfiltration and ultrafiltration with a suspender. The MBR system provides an aerobic microbiological treatment of waste water in which good efficiency is acquired and purified water of the best quality is achieved.

Industrial wastewater services we offer

Industrial wastewater services we offer

Designing Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs).
Revamping existing ETPs.
Supply, installation, and commissioning of ETPs.
Consultancy and detailed engineering services for ETPs.
Operation and maintenance of ETPs.
Bio-augmentation & odor control of wastewater streams.
Supplying consumables/chemicals for ETPs.

Benefits of Industrial wastewater treatment

Effective industrial wastewater treatment can produce both clean and reusable water and reduce overall waste production. Key benefits include:

1) Industrial Wastewater treatment reduces the quantity of waste released into the environment.
2) Water loss due to water pollution is reduced or eliminated
3) No potentially harmful contaminants are released into the environment.
4) Sludge treatment can recover reusable methane. In addition, natural fertilizer can be recovered and used in agriculture.
5) Simplified waste disposal significantly reduces costs.
6) Regional wastewater treatment and effluent standards can be met and maintained, and regulatory compliance can be continuously monitored.