Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Easy to install, to set up and to operate, Schneider Electric’s Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) provide a simple and effective means of connecting systems, collecting data and presenting information in a meaningful format. From the smallest text display to the most sophisticated industrial PC, Schneider Electric Human Machine Interfaces gives you a clear window into your operations. View the products below.

Basic HMI Panels

Schneider Electric Harmony ST6

Harmony ST6

High resolution and cost-efficient basic HMI ST6 and STM6.

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Schneider Electric Harmony STO & STU

Harmony STO & STU

Cost effective & compact color HMI panels from 3.5" to 5.7" screen.

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Schneider Electric Harmony GTO

Harmony GTO

Standard & stainless HMI panels with 3.5" to 12.1" screen.

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Magelis XBT N, R, RT

Monochrome HMI panel with keypad. powered by Vijeo designer Lite.

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Advanced HMI Panels

Harmony GTU

High performance IoT-ready modular HMI panels from 7" to 19" screen.

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Schneider Electric Harmony GTUX

Harmony GTUX

Outdoor HMI panels for harsh environments & hazardous locations.

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Schneider Electric Harmony GK

Harmony GK

Keyboard HMI including configurable touchscreen display.

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Schneider Electric Magelis XBT GH

Magelis XBT GH

Hand-held panel including emergency stop button for mobility.

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HMI Controllers

Schneider Electric Harmony SCU

Harmony SCU

HMI controllers for simple machines with up to 16 l/Os including Ø22mm mounting system.

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Schneider Electric magelis XBT GC

Magelis XBT GC

HMI controllers with 5.7" color screens with 32 I/Os including standard mounting with cut-out.

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Industrial PC

Schneider Electric Harmony P6

Harmony P6

Drive efficiency & productivity at the Edge of EcoStruxure with Harmony.

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Schneider Electric Harmony iPC

Harmony iPC

Industrial PC, Edge Box and Display - formerly known as Magelis iPC

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Schneider Electric Harmony FP6

Harmony FP6

Industrial flat panel monitor. Harmony FP6 meets demands.

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HMI Software

EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert

Configuration software for Harmony ranges supporting gestures.

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EcoStruxure Machine SCADA Expert

Lite SCADA for line management. EcoStruxure machine SCADA Expert

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Schneider Electric Vijeo Designer

Vijeo Designer

Classic configuration software. Compatible with Harmony and Magelis HMI.

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USB Accessories for Harmony Terminals

Schneider Electric Harmony XB5S

Harmony XB5S

Ø22mm fingerprint biometric switches.

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Schneider Electric Harmony XVGU

Harmony XVGU

Tower light for Harmony advanced panels.

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Schneider Electric Harmony HMIZ

Harmony HMIZ

Illuminated switch and keyboard.

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